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ChemSalesNow is very well done.  From an entry level to an experienced sales professional, ChemSalesNow will provide you with tangible and intangible tools to succeed in business development and relationship building.

ChemSalesNow was both insightful and inspiring, with real word applicability.  Even though I am not in the Chemical industry, I found many strategies to be to cross functional into my industry and corporate landscape.

I took this course and found it to be very enlightening.  It gave me a lot of insight into how to sell and to whom.  This course strengthened my confidence in how to approach selling into a technical industry.


Insight on Jane Pinda

Hi! My name is Jane Pinda Hansen.

I am the author of ChemSalesNow, a Multi level sales strategy course.I am a speaker, presenter, and motivator with over 33 years of industry experience. I have had a remarkable career servicing the Cosmetic and food Industries as a Chemist, District Sales Manager, Sales Executive, Key Account Manager, and Vice President of Sales. I have demonstrated consistent double digit growth from my territories, as well as through the teams I have managed, winning many awards, trophies and accolades. I have created inside sales departments before they were known in the industry. My inside teams and sales representatives today continue to execute record revenue with reduced attrition, through top notch customer service and “es·prit de corps”. My secret to success is I lead through example and share wins and loses with my teams. I am pivotal when it comes to team sales execution. I search for the road map to success wherever I may go. I am a board member and involved with five charitable organizations. I am a member of the SCC since 1987, and WFFC since 2011.

Welcome to ChemSalesNow!

This project is inspired by my incredible mentor and friend, Vern Murowski, whose memory lives on through everyone he connected with.

A portion of the proceeds from this website are donated to cancer charities.


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These organizations provide networking opportunities and great shows.
Take advantage of the expertise and all aspects of an association – suppliers, consumers,
trends and new products ingredients and finished goods.

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